“We hope to see Paris Saint-Germain again soon”

Jacques, the President of the PSG Fan Club Cameroon tells us about the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on his daily life and the humanitarian action taken by the fan club.

More than two months have passed since the start of the COVID-19 health crisis and for supporters of Paris Saint-Germain, the lack of games is being felt more and more. Jacques, the president of Cameroon fan club spoke to us about his new daily life: “In Cameroon we’re trying to live to the rhythm of the pandemic. The impact of the virus has completely changed our daily lives. The absence of football and more particularly Paris Saint-Germain touches us greatly. But we’re lucky to have a fan club with a lot of activity in social and humanitarian areas.”


He spoke too about the steps taken by his fan club: “Currently the fan club is doing a lot to help out. We’re mobilised for an operation in early June that aims to help health workers. We’ll go and give our contributions to certain hospitals. Via our digital communications we’re trying to reach as many members and people as possible. We’re lucky to have more than a hundred members of the fan club and that enables us to take such an initiative. We’ve also organised a campaign to make people aware of the barrier gestures.”

Jacques is staying up to date with the news from his club and celebrated with pride the ninth French champions’ title gained by the Rouge et Bleu, while hoping for a great run in the Champions League: “In spite of the season coming to a premature end, we’re very happy to have won another title. We were quite confident in our league run as the team consistently put together good results. The title is totally deserved. As for the Champions League, we know it will be difficult if the team doesn’t have a run of matches before playing in that competition but we are confident, especially when you see the fighting spirit and determination that the players showed to eliminate Dortmund in the previous round. There was a party here after the qualification for the quarters. Something important happened that night in the club’s history. We felt a lot of pride after that match when we saw the players and supporters come together.”


Faced by this crisis, Jacques wanted to get one final message across: “Today I send all my support to the health workers who are at war against this virus. They are our heroes and I hope they will be celebrated and thanked up to the level of what they are doing for us on a daily basis. Everybody must remain careful while hoping to see Paris Saint-Germain play football again soon.” 

“Live once again to the rhythm of Paris Saint-Germain”
“It’s together that we’ll get out of this bad spell”
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