Vincent Gérard: ‘Great that the youngsters got a run’

Raul Gonzalez (Paris Saint-Germain Handball coach):
“Toulouse played very well in the first half, causing us a lot of problems. The rest of the match we were much more applied and played better. That allowed us to make the difference.
We had a lot of absentees tonight, so it’s good to have been able to count on our youngsters. They helped us a lot, they did a good job tonight. We’re making a good start to the season in the Lidl StarLigue, but I know my players are capable of doing even better!”

Vincent Gérard (Paris Saint-Germain Handball goalkeeper):
“Toulouse were very effective in attack in the first half. Because of their commitment and their quick attacks, we had a hard time getting ahead. Still, we finished this first half with a three-goal lead, which was rather positive. The second part of the game was more in line with our expectations. We are satisfied because we had a lot of absentees, but we managed to continue our good run in the league. It’s great that the youngsters got a run in this win tonight. They are just getting to know what the highest level is like, and it also allows us to breathe in a season that will be very long.”

Louis Despreaux (Paris Saint-Germain Handball right-back)
“It was a good game, a little complicated at first, but with a tighter defence we were able to make the difference in the second period. Our lead allowed us youngsters to have some playing time. I am also very happy to have scored my first goal in the Lidl StarLigue. I would like to thank Adama again for letting me shoot the penalty. I’m happy!
Tonight, I hope that we have also been able to show that there is quality work being done at the Paris Saint-Germain Handball youth academy. It is one of the best, if not the best in France.”





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