‘Let’s stick together and remain careful’

Jérôme, President of the Indre PSG Fan Club explains the impact of the current COVID-19 health crisis on his everyday life.

Being a supporter and being separated geographically from your heart’s club is not always easy. So being a football fan and having to go without football matches when you are the president of a fan club, it’s even more difficult. 

This is the way that Jérôme, President of the Paris Saint-Germain Fan Club in Indre, has been feeling during the COVID-19 crisis, full of frustration due to his separation from the Rouge et Bleu.

“The passion that we have for Paris Saint-Germain, dominates our daily routine and our lives. I travel for European matches and I often follow the club on away trips. It’s a way of living. So my daily life is clearly heavily impacted. It’s my whole way of living that has changed. There are no matches with friends. But for the time being, we need to respect the lockdown and the social distancing measures so that we can hope to see Paris Saint-Germain and get back to our lives. I am lucky to live in the countryside so it’s easy to live in lockdown, but the feeling of missing Paris Saint-Germain is the same for everyone I think.” explained Jérôme.


Despite the termination of the French league, Jérôme remains in contact with with the other members of the fan club. Together, they reminisce on some of the club’s most historic moments including the qualification for the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League against Dortmund. 

“We have a group chat among the Fan Club which allows us to stay in touch, As soon as we see some news about the club, or football in general we discuss it together. We are really a family and we hope to meet up again soon. Despite the early termination of the league, we are incredibly proud to take home another Champions title. We need to pay tribute to the work of all of the team who fully deserved this title, we are very proud of them.” continued the president, before adding:

“But we still have the Champions League. We were delighted with the second leg of the Round of 16 against Dortmund. The match was full of passion and we maintain a lot of hope for the rest of the competition. And the images of the celebrations between the fans and the supporters at the end of the match is a true representation of what Paris Saint-Germain is about.”


Jérôme wanted to send a final message on the current situation: “First of all, I want to send my support to the medical staff that are doing incredible jobs. They are our heroes on a daily basis, on the front line against this virus and they need to be respected for this. I also congratulate Paris Saint-Germain and the measures taken by the club. It’s incredible to see this solidarity. Paris and the club’s fans is a true love story, in both the good and the bad times.”

“It’s together that we’ll get out of this bad spell”
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